Testimonials for Brenda Chin's editing.

Awesome!  That’s a word I can use to describe Brenda Chin’s extraordinary editing skills.  She is easy to work with, always on point, and edits in a way to retain your voice.  She’s also reliable and will get your work back to you in a timely manner.  I enjoy working with her!” 

New York Times bestselling Author Brenda Jackson

“Brenda Chin’s editing, thought process, character development and guidance put me on the path to the career I have today. I highly recommend her in any editorial capacity!”

—Carly Phillips, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author

“If you’re looking for someone who really understands storytelling, I can’t recommend Brenda Chin highly enough. While she certainly knows how to edit a manuscript, she is so much more than that, with an intuitive sense for how to make a story more engaging for the reader. Without changing the core plotline or characters of my books, she’s able to identify which characters the reader will want to know more about, where the plotline is in danger of drifting away, and most importantly in romance, when to turn the heat up (or down) between heroine and hero. Brenda never fails to make my stories better. I’m so glad to have a chance to work with her, and I recommend her without qualification.”

—D.B. Reynolds, RT and EPIC award-winning author of the popular Vampires in America series.

“I’ve worked with Brenda on over a dozen books, and I’ve worked with a number of editors over the thirteen-plus years of my career, and I can say without hesitation that Brenda Chin is one of the best in the business. Not only does she have an eye for talent (she’s “discovered” so many authors who are now bestsellers), but she has an innate sense of both story and character, and how to weave both to maximum impact. More important, though, she has a rare ability to convey such editorial comments to her authors in a way that makes sense and can be implemented! I can’t say enough good things about Brenda!”

—J. Kenner, New York Times bestselling author and screenwriter

“I’ve worked with Brenda Chin on fifteen novels after she discovered me through a writing contest in 2006. She is hands-down the best editor I have ever worked with. Her intuition for what makes a winning story, combined with her ability to spot weaknesses in character development and plot, are only part of what make her exceptional at her craft. She takes a hands-on, collaborative approach with her authors, and she’ll let you know what’s working, what isn’t working, and why. She also has an uncanny ability to predict when a book is going to be an award winner! Brenda knows the industry, and she knows how to bring out the best in every book she works on. Simply put, she’s the best!”

—Karen Foley, Award-Winning Author. 2014 RITA Finalist

“Brenda Chin not only bought my first book, she also, without a doubt, made it possible for me to go on to a successful career as a writer. From day one, her goal was not merely to publish one project, but to work with me to find my voice, to discover and polish that unique quality in my writing that would make my stories ones readers wanted. She literally helped me overcome the dreaded “second book syndrome” by identifying a very minor character in a previously rejected manuscript and saying, “Give me a book about her.” I did. She bought it. And together we realized that my voice and skills were taking me toward light, sexy romantic comedy, something I really hadn’t seen before she worked with me to develop that skill.

Brenda and I worked together on another fifty or so books, many of which went on to win prestigious awards, and garner four nominations for the RWA RITA Award. Of anyone I have ever worked with in my 20 years in the writing industry, Brenda is the only person to whom I give my unqualified recommendation and my heartfelt thanks.”

New York Times bestselling Author Leslie Kelly 

“Brenda Chin bought my first book and served as my developmental editor for over 40 published novels. I owe my writing career to her guidance and feedback.” 

—Stephanie Bond, USA Today and Amazon bestselling author

“I always look forward to a Brenda Chin edit–she understands storytelling in a unique, human way, and her approach is always to make the author’s story as emotionally resonant as possible. She knows what romance readers need for a satisfying reading experience and gives the authors the tools and perspective to give the readers everything they want. She’s definitely made me a better writer.”

Amy Lane, award-winning author

Brenda Chin is unquestionably one of the best editors in the publishing business. Her ability to guide authors through the structuring, writing, editing and polishing process required to thrive in the publishing marketplace is outstanding. She has a talent for finding new authors and a genuine respect for their creativity.

—Sandy Steen, bestselling author

Brenda Chin rocks. Simple fact, if you want an amazing editor who will help you hone your strengths, work through your challenges and grow to be the best writer you can be… you want Brenda. Brenda bought my first book and over the course of the next nineteen, she guided my writing all the way to the USA Today bestseller list. Her gift for helping authors develop their voice and strengthen their skillset and writing style is renowned in the industry. Not only did she have suggestions to make every book better, she offered them in a way that the author can learn and grow from. Her author list is a testament to her talent as an editor.

—Tawny Weber, NYT and USA Today bestselling author

“I have worked with many editors throughout my career, but none as professional or as knowledgeable as Brenda Chin. She has pushed me creatively and has helped develop my voice more than anyone else in the seventeen years since my first book was published. She is, by far, one of the best editors in the publishing industry and it has been a true pleasure to work with her for so many years.

—Kimberly Raye, USA Today bestselling author

Brenda Chin is an excellent editor. She’s enthusiastic, forthright and honest. You couldn’t ask for a better editor.

—Susan Kearney, USA Today bestselling author.

“I dreamed of working with the editing legend that is Brenda Chin for over a decade, and the wait was well worth it! Her years at one of the largest publishers in the business have given her an eye for both content and detail that are unparalleled. I can’t wait to work with her again!”

—New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lauren Hawkeye